Design and Consulting Services

Kitchen Systems is proud of its customers..and is always happy to provide service and advice, while providing them with appropriate solutions and proposals based on the trust that exists between us.

Composition and maintenance services

Kitchen Systems has a qualified and experienced staff that enables it to meet customer requirements and provide Appropriate support and quick response to maintenance work

After customer services

Our dealings with the customer don't end with the kitchen installation in the partnership that continues until after the sale and gives him a maintenance guarantee that extends to 11 years of service and maintenance.

What sets us apart...

Strength & Durability

Our method in designing and manufacturing kitchens takes into account the content of strength and durability, starting with the selection of basic materials for manufacturing with high quality, through the production and assembly of kitchens with inspection and quality control, and ending with achieving the goal and satisfying the customer.

Design & Direction

With the presence of technological progress and the use of specialized design programs, our designers are creative in understanding the customer’s desires, meeting their needs, and presenting the product in a (3D – 2D) template that contributes to the customer’s imagination of the kitchen, modification and addition with ease.

Production Line

Kitchen systems have one of the best production lines in the Kingdom using the latest modern and advanced machines and machines that operate with precise electronic control systems that ensure the kitchen comes out with the required quality, supervised by experts and technicians with high experience and skill.