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Kitchen systems for design and decoration work

  • Our beginning was 15 years ago and the story continued and kept pace with the development of the Kingdom under its wise leadership, and we are still progressing with steady steps towards success and innovation.
  • Where the Kitchen Systems Company is one of the first companies specialized in the manufacture of high quality aluminum and wood kitchen furniture and distinctive designs that meet all the tastes of our valued customers who are our partners in success.
  • The company has more than 120 affiliates including administrative staff, designers, technicians, and workers distributed over three factories for aluminum, wood, and artificial marble.. They have a lot of experience and high skill to ensure our customers a high-quality product that meets their desires.
  • Kitchen Systems has a list of showrooms scattered around Riyadh, which have the latest classic and modern designs with smart German technology, under the supervision of a group of expert designers in this field.
  • What distinguishes kitchen systems is that it has business partners with major German and Italian factories and brands specialized in the manufacture of electrical appliances and the production of the finest types of hinges, accessories and smart movement techniques, in addition to importing wood and industrial marble that are resistant to heat, moisture and anti-bacterial.

We taking care of the smallest details

Best use of spaces

We work to integrate and harmonize the design with the space allocated to it in a creative and innovative way { show the place luxury and a comfortable visual vision

Color Harmony

Company has unlimited options of vibrant colors to suit all tastes of our valued customers, with space to add their own touches and share the design.

Dimensions & Sizes

نهتم بتوفير بيئة عمل مريحة بأبعاد ومقاسات عالمية مدروسة بعناية فائقة توفر راحة وشعور مريح للمستخدم .

Light distribution and harmony with the backgrounds

Company offers its valued customers a list of high-quality LED lighting in attractive and exceptional colors that have the ability to control the lighting levels ... in parallel with an elegant harmony with the backgrounds of multi-shaped artificial marble.

Premium Marble Countertops

We use a high quality artificial marble work surface that is scratch-resistant, heat- and moisture-resistant and anti-bacterial, which contributes to enhancing the health of the user, creating a healthy and safe atmosphere for family members, in addition to resisting the surfaces of the cupboards from being fingerprints and stains and easy to clean, to be your kitchen, always shiny and shiny.

Perfect organization options

We provide our customers with high-precision designed organizing solutions from the internal organization equipment used in cupboards and drawers that always maintains the elegance of your kitchen and gives flexibility to use

Accessories, hinges and movement systems

Because we care about the smallest details..Kitchen systems offer the latest in German technology in the manufacture of hinges and smart movement systems that make your kitchen a top of distinction and flexible use For all kitchen items.

Electrical appliances & Fixtures

What distinguishes kitchen systems .. Our choice of the latest Italian appliances of high quality and effective performance and from the best companies with a wide famous brand

Let's get creative in designing your kitchen and wardrobes

Closets Systems is a symbol of quality, design, versatility, quality of service, reliability and continuity.

We believe in creating designs that reflect your personality in your home, and create spaces that allow your family to spend more time together.

Find your nearest showroom, and see how we can transform your kitchen into a vibrant, warm and lively place.